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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Reluctant Socialites

...that's what Chris and I are this quarter. And the blog suffers from too few updates. Sorry about that.

This year Chris is the secretary of the Student Association, hosts Creation Worldview Workshops, was interviewed on the doctrine of the Two Kingdoms, participated in the "German Days at the Sem" and other things.

If you want to see him or take free, wonderful classes from the great professors here or listen to chapel sermons and symposia check out Concordia Seminary's resources on iTunes. (Install iTunes, if you haven't done it yet, and go to

Chris can be seen in three "The Two Kingdoms" episodes:
  • Start iTunes
    Go to iTunes Store
    Go to iTunes U (niversity)
    Go to Concordia Seminary
    Go to "The Two Kingdoms with Uwe Siemon-Netto"
    Go to epsiodes 24, 25, 26

    I have the privilege to edit the Seminary Women's Association's bi-quarterly newsletter.

    We can't believe that we are already going into our third and last year. How the LORD has worked on our hearts!

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