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Thursday, August 31, 2006

10 years and still without a TV

Carlotta had the opportunity to publish her first article in the Seminary students newspaper "Around the Tower". She received a lot of feedback and caused interesting discussions, as you can imagine....

Tuning in to life, world, people is difficult with TV interference

By Carlotta
Daughter of First-year Seminarian

Have you seen that funny TV commercial with the man talking on his cell phone while a really big lobster in the background gets stuck in a door? My answer to questions like that would rarely be yes. That’s because I’m almost 10 years old now and haven’t watched much TV. We don’t even own one. My name is Carlotta Tiews. I’m going into fifth grade and am home schooled with my younger brother. I also have two younger sisters. I am the oldest child in my family. We live on the campus of Concordia Seminary where my father is studying to become a pastor. I moved here from Houston a year ago. I have been living without a TV all my life and love it! I think that all the stuff they show on TV is so stupid. Plus, it gives me a bad headache. Once, I watched a little bit of TV in a hotel, and my eyesight got all blurry. Do you think my parents just don’t let me have one? Certainly not! I actually don’t plan to get one even when I’m older. I always think “Why do you need a TV anyway?” Instead of watching cartoons, I read the comics I like from the newspaper or computer. What about movies? We have a VCR and DVD player and occasionally watch movies in the evening. We usually only watch DVDs and videos about once every two weeks. Even though I could, I don’t go over to Loeber Hall and watch TV. However, the whole family went there to see some soccer games during the World Cup. You might think, “How do you know what’s happening in the world?” When 9/11 happened, we went to our neighbor’s house to watch it. Otherwise, to keep up to date, I read the newspaper or read it on the Internet. There are lots of advantages in not having a TV. You buy fewer items because you don’t see all the commercials about things you don’t really need. You don’t waste time getting hooked on shows you don’t really want to watch. You won’t be influenced by actors or actresses that lead a bad lifestyle. You get more exercise. Most importantly, you’re with your family or friends more. Some might think “Well, we watch TV together.” But that doesn’t count! Some might not talk to their family much because all they are doing is sitting on a couch and staring at a TV screen. Some people might think it’s boring to live without a TV, but it’s definitely not! I love music, especially ’60s pop music and smooth jazz. I made a CD with my favorite ’60s music, and I love it, even more than TV! Listening to the radio was an old pastime when there was no TV. My Mom listens to Todd Wilken’s “Issues, Etc.,” on KFUO 850AM, and sometimes I listen with her. My Dad likes to say “TV turns your brain into oatmeal.” Nobody in my family wants it. We’re perfectly happy just the way we are. I also love to read. It’s so much more fun than watching TV. I mean, think about it: The pioneers were a lot better off than most of us, probably because they didn’t watch TV and did other things instead. I think TV was the worst invention of the 20th century. People don’t sit out on their front porch and get to know their neighbors anymore like people did not too long ago. Most everybody chooses to be in their homes, eyes glued to the TV screen. TV ruined everything. God planned people to be outside, getting to know each other. It would be great if, for at least a day, people did not turn on their TVs right when they wake up, like they might do every day, but leave it off. And when they come home from work, they do not sit down in front of the TV. But instead, they would go outside to be with other people, and have a front porch experience. Concordia Seminary campus is a perfect place to do just that.
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