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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Lone Moose Cottage Christmas 2005

By Carlotta

“I came that they may have life and have it abundantly” – Jn 10:10

Departures of the Year:
Sunny and Scout, the horses. Sunny went to our dear friends, the Watkins, and Scout went back to his original owner. Orange, our orange cat ran away, After being with us for so many years, Pea (dog) is now with our good friend, Mr. Tom. Pea recently escaped from Mr. Tom because he wanted to go back to our old house, and he made it there, but the new owners had already moved in.

Supporters of the Year:
The wonderfully generous people in Texas (Magnolia, Cypress, Rockwall, Tomball, Rockport), Plymouth (WI), St. Louis (MO) and Germany, who bless us so much with their gifts. We also are so thankful for our great small group “family”, esp. the Stocktons and Watkins, with whom we have been together for over 6 years. They helped us so much with the move and put on a wonderful good-bye party at Salem Lutheran Church.

Song of the Year:
“We are the Juney Brothers”. J.J. made it up and that song is very popular!

Home Video of the Year:
J.J. built “Star Wars” Lego models and we shot a movie with our camera.
He also built models from “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” and shot a movie in the bathtub.

Trips of the Year:
We went to a little beach town called Rockport, Texas, to visit friends and we had a wonderful little trip coming up here to St. Louis. We also went to Germany to visit Mom’s family and to see Dad’s daughters, Alina and Amanda. Dad and Carlotta went to Berlin to visit Alina.

Move of the Year:
We moved out of our old house (“the Lone Moose Ranch”) to come here to the Seminary (see and live in our “Lone Moose Cottage”.

Visitors of the Year:
The Stockton family came to St. Louis to visit Mrs. Stockton’s parents and visited with us.

Cutbacks of the Year:
We sold our pick-up truck and a lot of furniture at our garage sale and downsized from 3 acres to an 800 square foot apartment.

Newcomer of the Year:
The baby, but it still has to be born. Mom is doing fine. We call the baby “Rocky” because it kicks so much!

Ersatz Grandparents of the Year:
The Nebels, Mrs. Stockton’s parents, live here, and have really adopted us as their grandchildren.

Award of the Year:
Carlotta got the “Supreme Guild” rating again. It is the highest for her level! Guild is a national piano teachers association that assesses piano students.

New Jobs of the Year:
Dad has a job working for Concordia Historical Institute, translating very old German documents into English, and is now a full-time student in order to become a pastor. Mom is finally a full-time homeschooling Mom after working with HP-Compaq for 9 years. Praise the Lord!!

Toys of the Year:
J.J. is big on Legos and experiments; Carlotta is still big on office machines and MeMe really likes baby dolls.

Store of the Year:
The Re-Sale-It, a store where people donate things they don’t need, but other people might like them, and Trader Joe’s, a store where they have all kinds of organic and unusual foods.

Old Neighbors of the Year:
Pegi Stevens (moved to Neu Braunfels, after getting married to Mr. Tom Maggart, about the same time we moved to St. Louis) and Stan and Dorothy Daigle, who also hosted a wonderful good-bye party.

New Neighbors of the Year:
The Sundsvolds: Mr. Sundvold, Mrs. Sundvold, Hannah (2), and Julia (5 mounths); the Driskells: Mr. Driskell, Mrs. Driskell, and Tim (16); and the Scoles: Mr. Scole, Mrs. Scole, and Paul (9) and Jenny (13).

New Achievements of the Year:
J.J. learned how to ride a two-wheeler bicycle, and is reading. Me-Me is starting to talk a lot.

New Languages of the Year:
Carlotta has been learning Latin for two years now and Dad has learned elementary Hebrew (and now reads Hebrew about as fast as J.J. reads English).

Blog of the Year:
The Lutheran Moose – the adventure log of the Tiews

Merry Christmas to Y’all
Joy in the Birth of Jesus!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A real Christmas tree after all!

We didn't think we would get one this year. But the children thought long and hard, counted the money in their piggy banks and decided to buy the Christmas tree this year themselves. On Sunday they had to make the difficult choice and came home with a beautiful tree.

J.J. wrote a letter to Santa at the North Pole and, lo and behold, he received a personal letter back. That really made his day. Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 09, 2005

First Snow

Wow - this was a great week for Texans, who have never seen snow in the U.S. A. The children couldn't wait to get outside, but quickly came back in. The thermomether really dropped - down to 4!

We are enjoying the winter quarter very much. Especially since it will only be three weeks until there will be another break for Christmas. Chris' studies are going very well!