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Friday, March 30, 2007

New life

Spring is finally here and everything just looks beautiful!

Just like the trees that used to look dead and dark, so were we lost in our sins.

But thanks to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ we have been redeemed and were made alive.

He is risen!
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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Welcome to New Mayberry?

Maybe it's growing up in Germany and/or watching too many movies from the 50ties, but I long for the time when I could walk to the store, church and restaurant. Here in St. Louis we get to walk a lot, thankfully, since the seminary is a little 'Dorf' (village) with chapel, re-sell store, foodbank, bookstore, library, post-office, bank and park. The kids can bicycle and enjoy the pleasures of just walking to the playground to meet other children. Why has this become so rare? In Texas there is hardly a place were you can go without a car.

Others seem to feel the same way. There are many new neighborhoods popping up, called Tradition Neighborhood Developments that are designed with humans in mind, not cars. Where you can walk and have opportunities to meet your neighbors. These developments seem to be pretty successful - at least in terms of real estate sales. There's one here in St. Charles, called New Town. I haven't really met people who live there though. It sometimes looks like a movie set. Makes you wonder whether people actually just like the idea of neighborhood, community and a more wholesome life or whether they are beginning to really LIVE it? Since home prices are pretty high, you might need two income families to be able to afford this "back to the future" approach and that would be counterproductive. If there's nobody home all day, how can you build relationships with your neighbors?
Anyhow, developers of these new villages know that a church is good for the looks of the town square and that they need one or two to help building real relationships among the citizens there. I wonder what kind of churches they invite? The ones that proclaim "Christ crucified for us"? Maybe we need to rediscover the ancient church!

More old that's new again

And then there is good old-fashioned food and my new favorite cookbook "Nourishing traditions" by Sally Fallon that finally endorses the food I always preferred: cream, whole yoghurt and milk, animal meet and fat, raw cheeses.