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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2010 at the Tiews

Like a Country Song

We now have Friends in Low Places! Sarge our Labrador mix from Okmulgee, OK, is a great addition to our family.

Why Don’t We Just Dance?” MeMe and Lilly asked themselves and started taking ballet classes thanks to the generosity of their grandmother.

Carlotta has become a popular blogger ( and photographer. She is “so much cooler Online ”!

Jeremiah shows that A Country Boy Can Survive . He is now a dedicated student of everything related to survival training and is able to guide the family in tough situations (as long as he doesn't forget his handbook).

Thinking This One’s for the Girls,” MeMe started a Girls' Club that met once a week in the summer. The girls were busy with a lemonade and cookie stand, camping in the basement, treasure hunts and other things girls do.

Sponsored by the University of Tulsa, the whole family was also able to enjoy pool Water during the hot months and MeMe graduated from Dad’s swimming school.

Sadness struck when Old Friend Tom Cheney of Stagecoach, Texas, passed away unexpectedly. Our friendship goes back to our early days in the USA and we miss him greatly. Never did we think that Chris would preach his first funeral sermon for Tom.

Homeschooling continues at the Tiews house and a surprise Show and Tell lesson took place right in front of our living room window, when a huge bee swarm settled on a tree branch and stayed there even through a bad storm. Finally a beekeeper swept them into a box and resettled them on his property. A few months later he gave us some American Honey from ‘our’ own bees!

In September we were invited to listen to Country in Good Old Germany. We celebrated Lula’s parents’ 50th wedding anniversary and rode a Big Green Tractor on the family's 'ranch'.

Back in the USA, Chris was interviewed about his latest book “Looking for Luther, which records our wonderful trip to the land of Martin Luther two years ago. You might want to Turn on the Radio, tune into Issues, Etc. and listen.

As we reflect on all that took place this year, blessed times among family and friends, as well as tragic events, we continue to marvel at Christ's sacrifice for us and ask ourselves: Why Me, Lord?

We wish everybody a wonderful Christmas as we celebrate our Savior's birth Away in a Manger.